Bombastic Starleague/25th Anniversary LAN
Thailand, Phuket – 9 – 12 December

Thailand, Chalong, Phuket, Chalong

Direct location will be given directly to everyone interested to come and play/watch – Join Discord

Qualified playersru  Dewalt, cl  UltrA, pl  Bonyth, ru  spx, pe  TerrOr, pl  MiStrZZZ pe  Gosudark, se  OyA

Join Discord to Sign up.
Players who said they are coming:
us  Artosis
th  Jumper
pl  Mazur
pl  Squizen
pl  Syndrom

Players who will come at their own expense and SIGN UP will be randomly seeded into each group.

Groups – best-of-three. top2 of each group advances to RO8
RO8 – all matches best-of-five

1. (Wiki)Sand Storm (Remake of Blue Storm)
2. (Wiki)Champion (Remake of Challenger)
3. (Wiki)Winter Solstice (Remake of Tau Cross)
4. (Wiki)Neo Rush Hour (Remake of Rush Hour)
5. (Wiki)Lights Out (Remake of Circuit Breakers)
6. (Wiki)Neo Luna (Remake of Luna)
7. (Wiki)Paradiso (Remake of Dantes Peak)


Prize pool: US$ 5,000 prize pool guaranteed, and contributions are very much welcome.

If you want to souvenir from this event and support it at the same time:

  • Postcards from 25th anniversary LAN – $50
    + Show Spoiler +
  • Postcards from Phuket signed by players- $100 (+~$80)
  • T-shirt from 25th Anniversary LAN – $100 (+~70$) (unlimited)
    + Show Spoiler +

To order you need to email to

All the profit from the souvenirs will be spent 50% on prize pool and 50% to cover the tournament expenses.

Group A,B – December 9 (6 hours 49 mins)
Start 11:00 ICT – 05:00 CEST 23:00 EST 20:00 PST
Group C,D – December 10 (1 day 6 hours)
Start 11:00 ICT – 05:00 CEST 23:00 EST 20:00 PST
RO8 Bracket – December 11 (2 days 6 hours)
Start 11:00 ICT – 05:00 CEST 23:00 EST 20:00 PST
Ro4 & Finals – December 12 (3 days 6 hours)
Start 11:00 ICT – 05:00 CEST 23:00 EST 20:00 PST

Three days off

Open For Fun Tournament – December 16 – (7 days 6 hours)


The was once set up by Mr. Patyrykin and his dedicated team, who have been in the esports world for nearly two decades. In the early days, they hosted tournaments themselves, tirelessly nurturing the community. As time became a more demanding asset, they shifted their support to different, yet equally significant avenues. For the curious, Mr. Patyrykin (known in the gaming community as Rus_Brain), Mr. Vasilenko (aka Saerjaar), and Mr. Chernyavskiy (aka Mixer) are currently steering a marine insurance portfolio. They employ cutting-edge ML/AI technology to manage this complex field, merging the excitement of esports and strategy games in particular with the innovative world of tech-driven insurance solutions.

Rus_Brain – Offline organization and logistics
ZZZero – Online organization and stream production

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